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Sponsor and Guest post

You can easily promote your product or service by posting sponsors on our blog. Can’t post anything that violates our posting rules. We have to pay $22 for each sponsored post. A maximum of two relevant Duplo links can be taken from each guest post.

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Many people do not have time to write a new article, again, for those who do not want to write with a writer, we offer the Extreme Post Link Package in this package you stay on our site. You can take Duflo from an article that will help a lot in the SEO of your site.

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Space share (Banner ad)

We’ve allocated a total of five spaces for your ads. These ads will show our AMP version. Only banner ads can be given. The banners will be mobile-friendly squares. Below is the ad space and its value.

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Communicate with us

Visit the contact us section to get in touch with us. There are all sorts of ways to communicate with us. You can also mail us if you want: